Week of 10 August 2020: Where do we get these people?

Jim Thompson

Week of 10 August 2020: Where do we get these people? | Nip Impressions, Jim Thompson, quality, industry, safety, energy, environment, innovation, energy, corruption,

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By Fos

Well, we finally got relocated to the new location. Much safer here than it was in that crazy city. The Great Mother called us to order.

"Okay, rats, what do we have on the docket for today?"

Buh waddled up the aisle.

"Yes?" the Great Mother looked at her. "What's your story?"

"Well," Buh started, "This story goes back some time, but I think it is worth telling."

"Please continue." I noticed this new Great Mother did not seem as harsh as our last one, may she rest in peace.

Buh told her story...

"There was once this young Big Thing who was very smart. I think he came from over the big waters. Early in his career, he and a colleague decided to start their own company.

"They started acquiring shares in a company on this land."

"Was it a pulp and paper company?" inquired the Great Mother.

"No. But it was in what the Big Things call 'heavy industry.'"

"So, what was wrong with that?"

"Well the leader of that company they wanted to acquire had had some legal problems; I believe they were called 'fraud.'"

The crowd went nuts. Rats hate fraud.

"That sounds OK," a comment from an unknown member of the Cadre.

"Did they buy the company with cash?" asked the Great Mother.

"I don't think so. I think they bought it with the stock of another company."

"Well, did they buy THAT company with cash?"

"Not exactly."

"Please explain."

"Well, it seems as though the acquisition was a bit questionable."

"Buh, you are not providing very much information, here," the Great Mother commented.

"There isn't much more to say, at least that is well known."

The Great Mother said, "Buh, you are forgiven for having an incomplete story. We see these all the time. Being leaders does not seem to make a difference to the Big Things when it comes to honesty, in fact, in our records over the years, we have probably seen more damage done by Big Things in leadership positions than we have by the hard working Big Things. At least the damage affects more Big Things. As rats, it is our duty to be honest in all our dealings, not following the example of the Big Things."

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